Where are the SELECT fins made ?

All our fins are made in the west of France

How are the fins made ?

The specificity of the Select fins is that all the fins are molded inside metal molds with prepreg material from the aviation industry.
This requires costly equipment!
SELECT is the only manufacturer mastering this production technique.
Since 2013, we’ve been making full CNC machined products directly from prepreg plates.
Our new CAD/CAM software associated to our new UGV large-framed milling machine enable us to make new fins with a superior precision.

The other fins on the market are made in epoxy or in polyester, hand-machined in gross material plates.
The finishing is always done by hand, with its own share of uncertainty. There are no identical fins manufactured with these techniques!

The advantages of Select technologies:

  • The molding and machining ensure a high-precision manufacturing and a constant production
  • Thanks to the use of prepreg, we can put reinforcements of different materials and in different axis to get the twist and flex values we’re looking for
  • Thanks to the molding and machining, the rigidity is controlled, whatever the length of the fin
Which boards brands use SELECT fins to make their tests ?

All the brands below use some SELECT fins to make their tests :

  • ELIX
  • AHD
  • RRD
I am using another board brand. Will the SELECT fins fit my board ?

You can use your SELECT fin on any board !
Just refer to our fin selector to get an accurate answer.

If you still have some doubts, feel free to contact us with some details about your quiver, we will do our best to help you.

Does the fin selector takes the weight if the rider into account ?

We consider the rider’s weight as well as other ones in our new fins selectors.
This parameter has become mandatory to optimize the range of use of a board-sail assembly.

Can i mount a slalom fin on a freeride board ?

It’s possible on 100L and 145L-boards, as the scoop rocker lines enable this.
There is a performance gain, but the jibes are a bit difficult to trigger.
For boards under 100L, the use of a slalom fin is more delicate.
The scoop rocker lines being more curved, the rails being thinner, a straight slalom fin would interfere with the board’s balance and the sailing comfort.
In this case, a versatile fin such as the Edge G10/PRO will bring a true versatility between speed and riding comfort.

I have the recommended fin, but i cannot hold my course and my stance feels unbalanced ?

You probably have an issue with the rigging !
Maybe an incompatible mast, which is very frequent! Or incorrectly adjusted sheeting or amure tensions.
Ask your dealer for advice, so that he can adjust your sail, or ask any other person who could give you a hand.

The sail adjustment is crucial, it is the motor! The fin is the transmitter, so when the motor is incorrectly adjusted, you can’t expect any miracle: The fin cannot compensate for everything by itself.
The correct positioning of the foot straps is also often neglected : 
Is the distance between them adapted to your morphology ?
Aren’t they too rigid to be one with the board ?

If you check those few points, you’ll improve your performance but also the sailing comfort.


Which board ?

A board of 125 to 130 litres with a FreeRide type deck surface and a wi dth of 75 to 90 cm. is amply
enough ; Provided reinforced box.
Warning : The ProFOIL.F1 is not calculated to be used on a formula that generates major leverage.
This is not to mention the weight of rigs over 9.0 m2 which excessively destabilize the centre of gravity for which the ProFOIL.F1 is calculated.

Are current boards suitable ?

Only if the boards have reinforced fins boxes , because the risk of an accident is real.
Otherwise, the foil box may bend from front to back and side to side.
HAZARD ! > The major risk is the ejection of the foil. It can lead to serious injury, without forgetting the loss of the foil and breakage of equipment.

The Slalom boards are the least suitable because the mast of the ProFOIL.F1 is ultra rigid. The locations of straps external very on the fairly boxy rails do not favour the best placing of the feet to sail this foil easily when on an adverse list.

To get maximum advantage of the apparent wind and in good general comfort, the width of the board must be 75 to 90 cm max with a FreeRide type deck plan.
The FreeRide deck drawings favour the placing of the feet and the multi-inserts help find the position of balance which will favour take-off and the comfort of the flight.

Why specific WIND Foil boards are the most suitable ?

The two essential points are the ergonomics of the deck and the position of the straps.
These two elements are critical to manage both the balance and the conduct of the foil.
These specific boards are reinforced on the foil box and the mast box and on the whole part under strain (between the rear of the board and the mast box) : Essential conditions for having a board that lasts in time.

Which sail ?

Prefer a light sail, without cam or 2 to 3 cams at most with a surface of 7.0 m² to 8.5m².
A lightweight rig can compensate largely for a greater surface area which is much heavier.

For flying, the enemy is weight !

The ProFOIL.F1...who for ?

The ProFOIL.F1 is designed for fair to high level riders.
A rider who has mastered planing, sailing in straps and the gybe, may without any problem succeed in flying with light and simple sails in minimum wind.

For which program ?

Generally, the windfoil is made for sailing in light wind on calm water.
Our objective in the launch of the ProFOIL.F1 is to favour sailing in ultra light wind with light and simple sails :

  • From 7 knots for a lightweight (+ or – 70 Kg).
  • From 8 knots for a heavier weight (+ or – 90 Kg).


How to buy a fin ?

We are working essentially through a network of distributors or importers.
The dealers are local advisers and representatives of our sport.
The acknowledgement of our practice comes through the windsurf shops and our support is thus necessary for the image of windsurfing.
Select’s e-shop enables you to buy our products online, when you live far away from a windsurf shop or simply don’t want to go to a shop !
E-commerce is now part of the economic landscape.

Is my order secured ?

If you choose to pay using your credit card, we don’t collect any data during the process.
Your credit card details are only known to our payment processing gateway : PayPal or our bank
At the end of the process, we only if the payment went right or not.

At the moment, we accept PayPal, VISA and Mastercard

Which personal data do you need to process my order ?

To take care of your order, we need to collect the following data :

  • Your name and surname
  • Shipping and invoicing address
  • Phone numer
  • Your email address

This set of data can only be accessed by a very limited group of people to process your order, establish an invoice and shipping documentation.

Like you we think privacy is crucial, we will never resell or share your personal data to anyone !

Upon your request, we can supply a complete set of your data and then remove it from our system


Are your products covered under warranty ?

All our products are covered under a one year warranty of normal use.
Warranty starts on the day of purchase.

I have some problems using my fin. What should i do ?

Do not hesitate to contact us !
We will help you to get the best of your fin and how to properly maintain it.

I made a mistake in my order. Can i change the fin ?

We can exchange your fin with the correct one only if the wrong one is returned in mint condition to the factory.
You will have to take care of the shipping fees to send the fin back to the factory.
When sending back the fin, please use a shipping method allowing to track the parcel.
We cannot be held responsible if your package is damaged or lost in the process