Masts : GOLIATH TITAN 670 / 760 / 840 / 940 / 1040

The Goliath TITAN masts are designed to practice all foil sports.
Ideal for riders who want to switch from one support to another while maintaining top performance, TITAN masts are versatile and ultra-effi cient whatever the discipline (Wing foil, Kite foil, Wind freefoil, Sup foil, Surf foil, Pump and Dock).

Made of high modulus carbon with a thinner chord than windfoil mast (WD.970), the TITANs are powerful masts with exceptional glide.

Intended for boards equipped with a double US rail, TITAN masts are manufactured with a fi xed (non-removable) full carbon US plate / Top rigidity for direct transmission.

Specifications :

– 5 length available : 67 / 76 / 84 / 94 / 104 (cm)
– Board mount : Platine US Full Carbon + Carbon HM

Rake : 1.1 °

– Adjustable with shims under the US Plate

Available shims :

+0.5° / Nose UP
-0.5° / Nose DOWN

Hydrodynamic :

– Degressive chord for an excellent power/glide ratio.
– Thin profile and very sharp trailing edge > Less drag and enhanced performances.
– Full carbon heel (thickness 16mm) with 3 screw fixation + 2 safety clamps to constrain lateral forces on the fuselage and guarantee an ultra-rigid mast/fuselage connection.

Technology :

– Full carbone prepreg HM (High Modulus) + autoclave.

– Structure Full carbone prepreg + Renforts Haut Module : Renforts en carbone HM-M46J intégrés dans le sens longitudinal et transversal du mât pour une rigidité maximum. (la performance ultime en rigidité et en résistance).

– Une construction sans sandwich pour une solidité maximum.

Finition :

Surfaces poncées à la main (Gr.1200) pour une glisse parfaite. Pas de vernis.
Type de fibre : Carbon HM : M46J / TORAY + Carbon HS 40 / MITSUBISHI