Features :

4 fuselages available :
– ADV.VECTOR 820 > Length 82 cm
– ADV.VECTOR 970 > Length 97 cm
– VECTOR 970 > Length 97 cm
– VECTOR 1100 > Length 110 cm

On the ADV.VECTOR fuselage, the mast mounting footprint is in a advanced position

• ADV. VECTOR 820 :
Developed for Wing foiling, it is ultra versatile and very eff ective also in Kite foil, Sup foil, Surf foil, Pump and Dock.
Its length off ers a great maneuverability/stability ratio.

• ADV. VECTOR 970 :
Designed for wing foiling in long distance competitions or for cruising, its length increases stability and reduces the power of the stabilizer for a very high glide in maximum confort.

• VECTOR 970 :
For Free Ride windsurfing foil.
On specific slalom foil boards or on freefoil boards with a lighter rig.
The VECTOR 970 also off ers good performance with high-power wings (PW and PG). It provides added maneuverability thanks to its moderate length.

• VECTOR 1100 :
For windsurfing foil > Performance.
Its length off ers perfect balance and allows navigation without parasitic drag, thanks to its structure and the possibility of sailing with the most optimized stabilizer.

NB : All our fuselages are compatible with all wings in the Goliath range (from 460 to 1320 cm2)

The length of VECTOR fuselages is expressed with the nosecone included. The measurement between the leading edge of the front wing and the rear of the stabilizer is the most important dimension to take into consideration to compare with
other foils if necessary. (See diagram)

The nose cone on Goliath VECTOR fuselages acts as a water piercer: flows are separated and more linear at karman level. They prevent a drop in pressure
at the upper surface of the front wing. With less disturbance, the mast delivers its full performance right from the mast/fuselage junction. This shape also provides a larger bearing surface for very rigid wing attachments.

Goliath VECTOR fuselages are locked in flexion, maintaining the longitudinal V of the foil. Acceleration is at a maximum, and flight is incredibly stable, as the wings stay in line, limiting the risk of stalling.

A real sense of serenity in flight even at very high speed : that is the bonus of the HM carbon construction and reinforced geometry.

Full carbon prepreg HM (high-modulus) + autoclave.
Reinforced high-modulus carbon structure (The ultimate in stiffness and strength).
Sandwich-free construction for maximum strength.
Finish : Hand-sanded surfaces (Gr.1200) for optimal glide. No varnish.