The research and development team consists of high-level designers. To make the fins, you need technicians, testers and a flawless organization to handle the test campaigns!

Over 400 fin prototypes are created each year, and we are continuously trying to improve the performance of our fins, working in close relationship with the best windsurf brands out there. This exchange of valuable information will help us develop this sport.

You, as a user of Select fins, will benefit from these relationships, as we can give very accurate advice on the use of our products, on almost all the brands on the market and in each program.

Our development headquarters are based in the Netherlands, which is an interesting country because of its wind statistics and number of riders addicted to speed surfing, and also because of the many windy lakes without chop around the country. For a genuine analysis of fin behaviors, GPS windsurfing was born in the Netherlands. The biggest community of riders addicted to speed is in this country. The daily confrontations between riders instantly enable the equipment to progress! Men are key to the handling of those projects!

The Team

We would like to introduce the people who are spending countless hours on R&D and tests in order to improve this small but so important part of our windsurfing quiver.

Stéphane Mocher

Fins designer since 1983; founder of the Select brand in 1985, he manages a team of 10 technicians. Inventor of different machines and manufacturing processes, he is recognized in the composite landscape for his experience and his ingeniousness. He remains highly motivated to constantly improve the products!

Job Verbunt

He’s tuned with the market and makes sure we rapidly turn customers’ demands into new products. He spends a lot of time on tests, communication and marketing. If you need information on our products, feel free to contact Job.

Caspar Verhaagen

Caspar’s wisdom and his ability to make fine analysis helped our products make a huge leap forward in terms of performance. We owe him a very deep analysis of the flex and twist behavior; the flexible flex with a locked twist and valuable improvements of the profiles.

Bruno André

Based in Brittany - France, Bruno André has been a racer and developer at Select for 20 years, developing freestyle, bump and jump and wave fins. In combination with his job as a developer at AHD, he is also a safe bet for our team: he only gives his approval when the product has reached the fragile balance between optimal performance and comfort of use, and can be used by sorts of users!

Jean-Charles Maes

Based in Marseilles, the European capital of windsurfing, Jean-Charles is a technician whose speed enabled him to set several GPS records. He sails over 250 days a year! He initiates many tests and his high level of analysis validates technical options. He is a recognized and trustworthy person! Many riders take his opinion into account!And last but not least, Jean-Charles is an excellent writer: Reading his test reports is always a pleasure.